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Monday, May 1, 2017

grace, kindness and letting go

 This week has been one of self reflection. I am tired and worn out, yet I feel good.  It feels good to feel. It feels good to come to some conclusions. It feels good to turn corners. 
I've been looking for answers, and in doing that, I've come to see that I must listen to my inner voice. I must trust her. Today was hard. For some reason my self doubt and anxiety decided to make an appearance, and I really felt it come out. Persistent worrying, negative thoughts running loops in my head, physical symptoms too. And all I could do was trudge on. 
I haven't found a magic answer to why I get this way, or how to best deal with it, but I'm learning to give myself space, grace and to look for some self acceptance.  Last night I just decided that sleep would have to do the trick. I said a few kind words to myself  and gave myself permission to let go of the day. 


And on a completely different note, Spring is here and we are taking every opportunity that comes our way to be outdoors! Being outside, surrounded by nature definitely helps calm my nervs, and chills my kids oit when they are high strung. Whether we're down by the bay (Bay of Fundy), in the forest, on a trail, or just in our backyard... the outdoors have been calling us and it feels so good. One of the most simple but enjoyable things has been picnics and eating on our back deck. It's one of the best parts of Spring! 

On Saturday we joined a really great group called the Young Naturalist Club of NS. Each month they organize a free walk, often with a specialist there to help identify discoveries. We had the excitement of finding frog and salamander eggs, as well as a real living salamander! We also saw a beaver damn, many trees chewed by the beavers, bugs, caterpillars and slugs! What a great morning for us all to be together, out on the land and learning about nature. 


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