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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

february and beyond

Winter finally came to us. In the span of a week and a half, we ended up with 3 back to back Maritime winter storms, which lead to 4 days off of school. We also had a teacher's strike day and a holiday thrown in there, so right now, this mama is running on countless days of the kids being at home. But here's a little secret... I don't mind too much. For the most part (aside from the fighting and extra messes), I enjoy getting this time with my kids to do art projects, play in the snow, try out new activities (snow shoeing), watch movies and play board games. I remind myself that they are growing fast, and as they grow older, family needs to have a strong role in their lives... so we need to foster that now.

And then, just as quickly as it came, winter seems to be taking a little break and we are being treated this week, to sun and warmer temperatures. It's the kind of weather that is making me want to open the windows (even for just a few minutes), and get out for lots of sunshine and walks. Pictures to accompany this streak of weather will undoubtedly follow.

And with it being near the end of February, I find myself day dreaming ahead to Spring. I know it's thinking ahead, but my thoughts have been turning to our garden, to starting our seeds, to Apple Blossom season here in the Annapolis Valley, to ice cream at the petting zoo, to more frequent trips to the ocean, longer days, to puddles and flowers, open windows, bed sheets on the line, bbq for dinner, chalk drawing on the driveway, blowing bubbles, bike rides and walks after dinner and all those good things.

Happy late February days. I hope that the sun is shining a bit longer for you, and that you are feeling refreshed by the longer days.

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