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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

walking is good

Over the years, my walks have taken on different purposes in my life. When I was a brand new mama with baby Noah, I remember pushing him for hours in our state of the art stroller, so that I could get him to sleep. I'd walk all over Hamilton. The top of the mountain where we lived, or I'd drive down to the waterfront and take a long walk there.
When we moved to Whitehorse, I remember reluctantly walking the trails behind our house. Always fearful of a bear encounter (never had one). We then moved to a different community in Whitehorse, where I felt braver to walk the trails. I remember enjoying those walks, looking for eagles and cranberries along the way.
When we moved to Beaver Creek, my walks became my only escape during my days. Ryder made me feel more safe about walking the trails. We'd often look for fairy houses, mushrooms and of course, cranberries. I remember feeling that the only way I could push through some of those hard days, was to get out and walk.
It wasn't until this past fall, that I discovered this set of trails not far from our home. On my second or third visit (the kids were with me), we witnessed a beautiful Barred Owl, land right above us in the tall pines. It was magical.
It wasn't long before I claimed these trails as mine (although I know others use it too). I feel so so so fortunate to have this bit of nature right at my door step.
More and more, I am discovering that my walks in the woods are really important to me for a whole host of reasons. They help me clear my mind. Help me to detach from distractions. My walks get me moving, exercising. They help me, in my search for quiet, and help me to slow down and just be present. Being surrounded by nature is very therapeutic, and I am finding that it is very important that I carve out the time in my week for a good long walk.

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