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Sunday, May 22, 2016

the official start to the summer



The May long weekend has always held special memories for me. 
Growing up, we would often head up to our church camp in Gracefield, Quebec, where we would be eaten alive by blackflies, take countless canoe rides around the lake, and always have a small set of fireworks. 
To me, making memories with the kids is probably my #1 reason for ever making things happen, and this May long weekend was all about memory making for us. Thankfully, Winslow happened to have the weekend off, so I was able to plan a little bit of extra activities (*if I am alone with all three kids, the expectation meter goes WAY down). 
This weekend was brought to us by a visit with my step-sister and her family, playing in the back yard with the sprinkler, lots of bike rides around the hood (a certain somebody can now ride her bike sans-training wheels!), a bonfire on the beach, a family photo session in the apple blossoms AND ice cream! PHEW!
The weather was lovely (maxi dresses all weekend), and we all have crashed hard at the end of the days, feeling full, happy and exhausted. 
Happy Victoria Day. 

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