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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

growing up

We've had some pretty monumental moments in our household over the past few weeks. The kind of moments that make you pause, take note, and file them away as important memories. 
Each of the children are moving along in their development, and growing in different ways. 


Wesley is 5 months old now, and it's a little hard on this Mama-heart of mine. 5 months, is one month away from being 6 months... which is half a year! Please, someone, slow down time for me.
Since Wesley is our last, I want to savour each moment and etch it into my memory. It can be bittersweet to watch him grow. Of course I am beyond thankful that he is moving along in his developmental milestones.... it's just sad to know that this will be the last time I have a baby of my own at this age. 

Wesley is now: 

~ rolling from his back to tummy
~ babbling A LOT
~ sleeping very well at night, right close to his mommy 
~ likes a routine (morning, play, getting dressed, nap, play, nap, dinner, jammies, bed)
~ still is a very good nurser 
~ tasting different foods: avocado, homemade bread, broccoli, chicken. I am pretty sure that we will primarily do baby-led weaning with him, and maybe make up a few pureed versions of what we are eating. 
~ loves to bed carried in his Beco (outwards) when he is awake and happy, and his Ergo (inwards) when he is tired and needs cuddles


In Katia's world, a few big things happened this week. She got her school aged vaccines and she got her first very own bike. Two big things for a little girl who is growing up quickly. 
To prepare her for her vaccines, on the advice of another mama, we spent the night before her appointment, playing doctor and practicing what would happen at her appointment. 
We used her favourite stuffed fox, and went through all the steps of a doctor's visit. Getting weighed and measured, listening to her heart, checking her eyes, and getting her needles. We also used Emla cream on her fox, to help freeze the area where the needles would go in. 
The day of her appointment, we used the Emla cream on Katia and on her fox, and got all ready to go to the doctor. Katia was very calm about it and didn't seem anxious at all. 
Once we were there, we waited for a while and then the nurse came along to do her needles. 
First "Foxy" got her needles and band aides, and then it was Katia's turn. Not a peep or a tear from that girl! We were so impressed! 
I really do think that practicing the night before, helped her to feel in control of the situation, because she knew what to expect and nothing was going to be a surprise. 
After her appointment we went off to get a mint chocolate chip ice cream and her very own new bike (it just so happens that this year was Katia's year to get a new bike ... perfect timing!).


And my dear boy Noah. Oh this boy sure is growing and changing each day. He has had some growth spurts, but for me, the biggest changes are what is going on in Noah's personal life and his thoughts. 
Something really cool that has begun to happen (that I have been waiting for and hoping for) is that Noah now has friends in our little subdivision who come calling on him to play. 
They sometimes ride bikes,sometimes play lego and often spy on the littler sisters. I love it. I love seeing him open himself up to new situations. To experience a bit more freedom, as he cruises on his bike to his friend's house. To witness this new stage of his life, where he is venturing out a bit more and making new relationships. 
And on a different note, last night, Noah and I had a little heart to heart, when he came to me upset. He confessed that he was worried about what will happen when/if one of us dies (a normal thing for a little person to think about). 
I remember having these same worries when I was a little one, and I remember making a pact with my mother, that we would meet at the gates of heaven one day. I remember. this plan we discussed, brought me so much peace of mind, so when I suggested the same thing to Noah, it was so sweet to witness his worries dissolve, and a peace come over him. He went to bed happy. 
And while I truly do not know where we all go once we die, I do know that my love for my children will go on and on forever and ever. That some how, our spirits will always be intertwined for eternity. That I know. 

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