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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

life lately

Easter Weekend:

We travelled to PEI this past Easter weekend, so that we could spend time with family. It was also an opportunity for my mom to finally meet Wesley, which was very important for me.
We stayed at the oh so fancy Super 8 motel, but to our 6 and 4 year old, it was the coolest place on earth! A pool and all you can eat waffles for breakfast? Yes please!
Some special memories ... the E.B. leaving us treats in the hotel room, swimming with cousins in the pool, church service at Nana's church, a yummy lunch at Auntie Rhonda's, an egg hunt, meals out all together!
The kids kept telling me that it was the best Easter they ever had, and I was thankful for the lovely memories we get to bank.


Wesley at 3 months:

I never put you down for your naps, I either lay with you or carry you. You don't have a crib.
I pick you up at your first cries, the only exception is when we are in the car and I can't reach you that very moment.
I laugh at the mama I was 6 years ago. Worried what others would think of my parenting. Worried that I may be spoiling my then baby by not pushing independence on him. Oh I laugh at her. Not in a mean way of course, but in a knowing kind of way.
My parenting has grown and evolved over the years. With Wesley being our final baby, I just want to hold onto each moment, to take him all in. To savour him.
He is now 3 months and is all kinds of cute. He now laughs at us when we tickle him or talk to him. His face lights up when Noah and Katia play with him. He melts when Katia leans in and kisses him.
He opens his mouth with the biggest, wettest kisses. He adores when Ryder comes over to lick him.
His looks are becoming more and more distinct, and the verdict is that we have no idea who he looks like. He's a "Chatty Cathy", he likes to be read to, and he's into tummy time. He's a little piece of heaven, if you ask me.

Around the house:

After much thought, I was excited to find these frames for the kitchen to display Noah and Katia's artwork. They have a little door that opens up, so it's easy to switch out art. We now have a special spot to display our favourite pieces.
For anyone wondering, they are made by Umbra and we found them at Winners.


Library time:

Somewhere along the way, we made Tuesday our library day of the week. The Wolfville library is one of those special spots that reminds me of days gone by. It's not modern or techy, it's quaint, cozy, personal and familiar.
It's the kind of place where the librarians know you by name, and there is a little foot stool, so that the children can climb up and see the tank full of goldfish (yes, a goldfish tank).
There is a mechanical model display of trains, that gets turned on for the children to watch, and a big lego table to play at.
Once a month, we are treated to an extra special storytime that includes music (one of the librarians plays the banjo and guitar), a special theme and a snack that goes with the theme. Today the theme was chickens, and they had an extra special visitor - a real chicken! I'm telling you, we love this place!


And that is all for now. Life is lovely and I truly am feeling a deep and real sense of gratitude for it all.


  1. I love this post! I thought about it during my run tonight. Wesley is going so fast, Katia and Noah and their special Easter on the island, your positive outlook, love it all!

    1. Thank you my friend. It's your positivity that rubs off onto me. It's contagious. Xox

  2. Yes about being such a different parent now. I so wish I have snuggled all of my babies more. So I try to make up for it with each other them now.


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