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Monday, March 21, 2016


I feel as though I just passed the line of a marathon, only I wasn't running, I was parenting.
Winslow just completed a 72 hour work week, and in turn, so did I. It was at times, pretty stressful I must say, as we also had March Break this past week.
I'm tired, emotionally and physically. My muscles ache from carrying Wesley in my arms or in a carrier. My ears hurt from the noise and crying. I'm in major need of some self care. A break. Some time to myself.
Exhausted as I am, I know there are lessons to learn from this.
Late last night, despite being so tired, I was awake for 3 hours. I couldn't get back to sleep, after Katia woke me up asking for water. Even though I had spent all that time with the kids over the past week, I for some reason missed them. As Katia lay next to me in bed, snoring away, I ran my fingers through her hair and over her bare back. As Wesley lay next to me, his tiny sweet body, curled next to me, I rubbed my hand over his soft head, and I savoured it.
I know the days won't always be so hard. I know that they are all growing so fast, and these moments of them being this small will never be again. I know that I would never trade these days, these moments, the good ones and the hard ones, for anything in the world. I know that I am blessed, indeed.

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  1. ahhh long weeks are hard, hope you get a chance to breathe in some salt air and take a refreshing self-care walk this week. Also I am LOVING that mug!!


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