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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

christmas countdown

 I love the Christmas season so much that I never want it to be about rushing or being stressed out.
I enjoy ushering in the holidays bit by bit, and like to start early on my handmade gifts and cards. 
I planed out our activities weeks ago, looking ahead to the weekends that Winslow would have off and planning accordingly. There are Christmas events that I first learned about in the summer when we moved here, that I am very much looking forward to. Christmas is just a few weeks away, and there is an excitement brewing in our family, as we anticipate such exciting things this coming month. 
Today I am 38 weeks pregnant and am feeling all kinds of emotions about baby coming along. 
Initially, I was worried for this baby, having to share his or her birthday with one of the most special holidays of the year, but I have since come to be excited about having a Christmas baby, and am becoming slightly impatient about when he or she will make their debut. Still, we have some special events (school concerts, plays, the Nutcracker, Winslow's work party) to get through first, and I do hope that baby will wait just until after we get through at least some of those events. 
And while I have been trying to be really on the ball with our Christmas plans, I also have come to terms with the fact that I must be flexible and understanding of my own limits and that of our family. 
I found myself getting very impatient and stressed out a few weeks ago and decided that I needed a reality check. I am very pregnant and with 2 young children for much of the day. Winslow works long hours (12 hrs shifts, if not longer), which means I am on duty for all meals, drop offs and pick ups, homework, bedtime routines ect. I get tired easily and don't have much help or support here (except for Winslow). I don't want to be a mean mommy (which I have coined myself to the kids at times), I want to be a kind and loving mommy, and to do that, sometimes I need to let go of the expectations. Some things are important, other are not. Not all meals will be homemade from scratch, not all promises will be kept. Sometimes tv and movies all morning long are ok.  Basically, don't be so hard on yourself.
So here we are, just 4 weeks away till Christmas. The important things to me are that we learn and observe what Christmas is truly about and that we find ways to celebrate joyfully. Being mindful, attending church, observing Advent, practicing our traditions, and being together. Smiling, cuddling, listening to music, sharing special food, watching Christmas movies, crafting and baking. The rest of the to-dos? Great if they happen ...but not a big deal if they don't. 


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