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Sunday, November 22, 2015

turning 4

Katia's real birthday is Nov. 28th, but with me being so pregnant (36 weeks!), and Winslow scheduled to work on the 28th, we figured it was best to do it all on a day , where we could all be together. We may have celebrated a week early and convinced her that it was her real birthday. We had our reasons, and it worked out just fine.
Katia's birthday involved breakfast in bed, phone calls, gifts and cards from her family far away, a mermaid themed birthday party, skating lessons and dinner at one of her favourite restaurants. Our girl is now 4 (well kind of), and of course, this Mama is sentimental about it. 
Katia is my very special girl, who has taught me many lessons about life and being a parent. Patience is a virtue with this girl, but her sweet hugs, her never ending, "Mama, I love yous", her cuddles, her singing, makes anything worthwhile. She keeps us on our toes, and constantly amazes us with her creativity and desire to express herself. She's sweet and spicy, and so full of personality. Katia is clearly an artsy, creative girl who paints, draws and makes things all day long (from sun up to sun down), so we made sure to have some special crafts at her birthday party.

Mermaid Party details:

~ decorations: were a combination of things we had (our old wedding table runners), little battery opperated lights, bottles of seashells, one large mix bag of shells from Walmart (for the Mermaid wands and cupcake toppers, as well as scattered around). I purchased green and turquoise streamers as well as clear balloons for the "bubbles".
~ treats: fruit skewers. dipped marshmallows, and sea inspired cupcakes (at the party girl's request).
~ savouries: croissants with ham and cheese (mayo and mustard on side), veggies and bread and dip (with an crab sticking out of the dip), chips and goldfish crackers. The party was in the afternoon, so we kept the menu to a simple snack menu.
~ drinks: juice boxes, lots of coffee for the adults, and water.
~ crafts: decorate your own treasure box and decorate a mermaid wand. This was the highlight of the party. Katia LOVES crafts, so I wanted something that would hold their interest for a while. The kids got to take home their crafts.
~ game: the "fishing pond" (tack up a sheet in the doorway, have the children line up and take a turn reeling for a "fish". Each kid gets a prize (goldfish crackers). This one is an old favourite in our family, and the kids love it.
~game: pass the parcel. We like to have a prize in the middle that everyone gets to have (so you don't just have one winner, which causes lots of upset feelings). The prize was "mermaid hair" (colourful hair extensions from the dollarstore) and light rights for the boys.

Happy birthday sweet girl. We love you and are so proud of the little girl that you are. 

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  1. I love your celebration. The colors, the foods, everything. Such good parents!


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