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Monday, September 28, 2015

raise a mug!

Why hello there Fall. Where did you come from and when did you get here?
In just one week, we have finally started to feel the real feelings of Fall. Cooler mornings and nights, leaves just on the brink of changing, and finally (thank God!) sweater weather.
We have plans to enjoy this beautiful season to the max, with Fall crafts, apple picking, hikes in the woods and cozy moments at home.
I'm so thankful that Fall is here. Being pregnant in the dead heat of the Summer is never fun for anyone, but this extended "Valley Summer" was just plain old cruel to me. A Fall girl at heart, the hard heat of the sun and muggy days were definitely not agreeing with me, and I was a grump about it! Thank goodness for this shift in weather and seasons.
Over the past few days, I have been battling allergies that turned into a nasty raspy chesty cough. It was my birthday a few days ago, and while I tried to get out and enjoy the beauty of the day, I felt crummy and it wasn't nice.
The one thing about being sick is that it forces one to slow down a bit. I was happy to take the opportunities as they arose, to lay in bed and just rest.When does that happen anymore? I'm still not 100% and am trying to find those moments of quiet and rest when I can.
And life goes on. We are still dealing with some ongoing school anxiety and stress (on Mr.N's part). I am doing my very best to listen and remain objective, but it's so hard when your Mama heart tells you otherwise. Right now, I am focusing on strategies to help him get through his days. Things like tackling one thing at a time, and asking for help when he needs it. There is such a fine line when it comes to parenting, of pushing our kids to do hard things and to giving them a helping hand. It remains up in the air, if we will keep him in his current French program. I'm very much on the fence about it, and we will revisit the idea come the end of term.
October is almost upon us, and with that, there will be lots of excitement.
We are heading to Ottawa for a very short visit, over the Thanksgiving holiday. While it is a far way to go for a short amount of time, it will be nice to be with family at this time of year and for the kids to see their family.
Halloween is also a big deal this year, as our community and neighbouring towns, seem to go all out for it. I, of course, am excited for the kids, but Halloween isn't my most favourite holiday. I like the magical side of it. The pumpkins, the harvest decorations, the images of black crows and such ... but I can most definitely do away with the gore and horror of it. In my perfect world ... we could skip it and move on to Christmas. Just saying. The kids still don't know what they want to dress up as ... maybe that's where some of my anxieties lie as well. Trying to find that perfect costume.
So here's to Fall. Let's all raise a mug of hot apple cider, to the harvest moon, pumpkins, apple picking and cooler weather. It's finally here!

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  1. Fall Johanna is my favourite Johanna! And don't worry about finding them the perfect costume, sometimes we just have to settle for the okay-est costume.


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