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Saturday, May 2, 2015

moving on

Hello there. Yes, it's been a few weeks since I've popped in.
Maybe it's my state of mind, maybe it's all the changes that are about to happen, but lately I've been feeling like I am living outside of my own life. We are here, still living in Beaver Creek, but my mind and heart are in another space. Floating, drifting, waiting.
A while ago, I mentioned that we knew where we were being posted to, and now I can say with all certainty, we are moving to the Wolfvillle, Nova Scotia area. Famous for their Apple Festivals, views of the Bay of Fundy, Acadia University, wine vineyards, rolling hills and farmer's markets. Yes, I do believe we will love this new home of ours, we just need to get there and settle first.
In the next two months, our lives will be a whirlwind. A visit from Winslow's family (here in the Yukon), a house hunting trip to our new stomping grounds, a house that we are in the midst of selling, a cross country drive (with 2 kids, a dog and a trailer). I'm exhausted just thinking of it. I know this is going to be good, but how we will do it all, well that is what I am asking myself.
I keep reminding myself that this is right for us and that we are very fortunate to be moving to this part of the country. It is that hope and anticipation that keeps us going.
More recently, while on a trip into Whitehorse for a few reasons (photography work, landlord stuff, groceries), I ended up in emerg at the hospital for a health scare. After 3 hours of blood work and examinations, I was cleared to go home, and felt much relief.
But still, I couldn't help but feel so tired and bitter about our current living situation.
I was tired of having to do things, like face health scares without my other half being there with me. I was frustrated that after feeling so sick and so crappy, that I still had to do a massive grocery shop, carry it out to the truck, load it up and drive home for 5 hrs. I was yet again, resentful that we are one of the very few communities in the Yukon that don't have a grocery store, meaning that no, I couldn't pick up a few things at the local shop.   *I know our time is almost done, and I know there is much worse suffering out there. I just needed to get these things out in the open. 
Thankfully, upon returning home, I was welcomed by my two beautiful babies, my overly ecstatic dog and my super supportive and patient husband. I know I have it good, this I know and will never take for granted. I just need to remind myself that our prize is almost ours, that we almost there.
And so, there you have it. Our life at the moment. Slightly overwhelming, very exciting and yes... tiring too.

ps. Photos taken at Swan Haven, on Marsh Lake about 40 km from Whitehorse. We went to see the swans and to have a tour at the interpretive center.

beautiful grizzly, too bad there's garbage behind him :( 


  1. Nice Katia pic, very Alex Colville! And instead of asking yourself how you will get it all done, try believing that it will get done, not all by you, and not all how you plan, but trust you will get there and you'll have all you need :)

  2. I'm enjoying reading your blog. Haven't been doing it for very long and wasn't real sure where you were that it was so cold. We are in Odessa, WA state, which is a little isolated; about 950 people on a good day and no such thing as McD's, KFC or WalMart within 50 miles. We do without or do it ourselves, in the food area. We do have an emergency room, small airport, police, fire, schools and several restaurants. We shop once a month for perishables, 55 miles away. It's a halfday trip, usually.You are very brave to be in service as you are. Our many USA soldiers and law enforcement and other service people and their families sacrifice much, here, and we love them for it and do all in our power to help them. I hope your own people tell you the same. I tell my daughter that there will be days when you have to carry on, even though you are, yourself, ill or injured and that, sometimes, you will feel very alone. The telling does not make the experience, though, and, were I there, I would lift up your weary hands for you and help however possible. Such are friends and sisters the world over. God bless you. Come by and see us at Prairie Cottage Corner and we'll have a virtual scone and a warm cup of something soothing......I envy your new posting.....would love to see Nova Scotia.

    1. Thank you so much for these kind and encouraging words Kathie. It is much appreciated. xox

  3. Oooooooohhh.....Nova Scotia! Enoy!


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