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Saturday, April 11, 2015

life lately

Lately my days have been full of mini highs and lows. We are all just moving along in life, yet, I have an impatience that is taking up space in my mind.
Short words, feeling overwhelmed, worried. These are all  feelings that happen from time to time, especially when we go through big life changes ... like oh say, selling a house and an impending move across the country.
Our house in Whitehorse is on the market. I never knew that trying to sell a home could be so stressful. We are eager to have a quick sale, so that we can move forward with our transfer this summer. All the gurus say, to think positive, so that is what we are going to do! Sell house, sell!
But amongst the hard moments, there have been calm and reassuring ones too. Like saying I'm sorry, that's so important. Like cuddling in the afternoon (just Katia and I). Like open doors letting fresh Spring air in the house. Like forgiveness, understanding and grace.

Easter came to our home last weekend, and it was a weekend full of excitement and joy for Noah and Katia. We attended the tiny Catholic church here for a short service (the priest comes about 2 times a year to give the service), and then we for the rest of the weekend we crafted, baked and ate delicious food. We went for walks, played outside and the kids played with their new gifts that they received on Easter morning.
Over our time here in Beaver Creek, from the advice of friends, I have always looked forward to the next trip out or the next set of visitors coming to see us. This is the way that I've kept myself sane. To have something to look forward to makes the harder days go by more quickly.
In the next few weeks we have a school trip planned for Whitehorse and then at the end of May, Winslow's parents will be coming to the Yukon to visit us. For the first time in the 5 years that we've lived here! We're pretty excited.
And finally, a little something I made this week, a wire wrapped bird's nest pendant.
I have been especially drawn to bird's nests for a few years now (spoiler alert- this is going to be my next tattoo), and I has seen these nests before on Etsy and such.
A little unknown fact (for some) might be, that I worked at a bead store in Ottawa for years (highschool and after graduation), where we learned all kinds of neat jewelry making techniques. We would even make bridal jewelry. It was a really fun job. Anyways, I say that because, I still have some beading supplies that I hardly use and one day, I decided to whip one of these nests up.
I am so pleased with the results that I decided to buy some more wire and beads, and plan on making more for my close friends. It makes my heart happy to be making things once again.
And that is all for now. Happy Spring days my friends. I hope that the sun and warmer weather is making it's way to you, and breathing a feeling of renewal into your days.

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