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Friday, April 3, 2015


Last weekend, I had the lovely opportunity to escape to Whitehorse (on my own) and partake in a very unique and intimate art show. It was so good for my soul.
A few months ago, Leanne, dreamed up the idea of doing a Springtime arts show in her home, where  a number of artists would set up their creations for display and sale. We had done something similar back in 2010, and 5 years later, we did it again.
She named the show Widdershins, which means:  to go counter-clockwise, to go anti-clockwise, or to go lefthandwise, or to walk around an object by always keeping it on the left. i.e. literally, it means to take a course opposite the apparent motion of the sun viewed from the Arctic Circle. Leanne asked all of the artists to challenge themselves and try something out of their normal comfort zone, an action that was fitting with the name of the show. 
For me, it had been such a long time since I had made much of anything, let alone paint, so much of what I made was new to me. Some of my work included painted signs, that I did on reclaimed wood. I had been inspired by many signs that I saw in Hawaiian gift shops (signs that were mass produced). I liked those signs, but wanted to make my own that were one of a kind and with favourite quotes. I also made picture/card holders out of birch wood and wire. These were fun to make and look so pretty with a post card or photo displayed in it.
A few of the other items that I made were recycled paper postcards, with my images and words put together. These images and words are meant to serve as mantras or simple meditations. Something to display and look at, that hopefully brings a bit of peace and pause to one's day. 
All in all, I am so happy that I was asked to participate in this wonderful show. It helped me to become motivated to make once again, and to spend my time doing something that is productive and meaningful to me.
I do have some left overs from this show and can also do custom orders for anyone interested.


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