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Monday, January 26, 2015

seeking peace

This last week was a heavy one for me. I felt dragged down and drained.
In different areas of my life, I was feeling overwhelmed and consumed, and when that happens, it becomes time for an evaluation.
My New Years word this year is PEACE. Somewhere out there in internet land, there was a person who came up with the notion of finding an inspirational word that will carry you through the New Year. Each year, you are to come up with one word, a word that will help you focus and be true to yourself. This year, my word is PEACE, because I am aiming to have more peace in my heart and life. It's that simple.
Sometimes we need to step back from things to see the whole picture, and right now I am doing that.
The fact of the matter is, that I am in a unique time and place in my life, where personal challenges are often very much in my face on a daily basis.
I am a social person by nature, add a tiny isolated community, with distance and a lack of friends... well, you can imagine that loneliness begins to set in.
Being in a small, isolated community means that my challenges are right in front of me, with no distractions or escapes. It's been hard at times, but I do like to think that it has made me stronger and more resilient.
The days can be long, but I am trying to work through them. To face my challenges and feelings straight on, as opposed to denying or ignoring them, which only leads to bigger problems down the road.

Things that are helping me get through the tough days ...

~ walks - no matter how cold it is
~ phone calls to friends and family- oh goodness, my phone calls are my daily saving grace. I compare them to a good coffee date with a girl friend.
~ hot baths
~ good books. Seriously, there is nothing more soul-warming, than cozying up in bed with my little ones and reading a good book together
~ learning to say no.

I'm ready, so ready for the next chapter to unfold for us. It's so easy to look to the future, to daydream and to imagine where we will be (geographically/mentally/emotionally) in the next few months, but I must also remember to be present and in the now. Right now is tough. Right now is honest. Right now there are lessons to be learnt about inner strength, perseverance, and myself. And I know that right now, I am where I am supposed to be, so I'm going to accept the challenge and keep on with it.


ps. pictures are from the last few weeks. Ice fishing (no fish were caught), and some of just around the area.


  1. I told you you'd find out what you're made of, living out there. Aren't you so proud of what you're finding?

  2. Hugs to you xoxo

    That photo looking up to the clouds and sky above the snow covered trees is so very peaceful.

  3. Love to you, my dear, dear friend. Wish we could grab a tea and go for a walk. xx


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