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Monday, January 26, 2015

for a new day

The return of a good friend, means I have company once again. Long phone calls with people who truly care, I am so thankful for the support. Hot water with fresh lemon, a burst of fresh - when everything seems so stale (winter is dragging on). A dog curled up next to me, I am thankful for this loyal companion. 

For a new day. For second chances. For a little girl who fell asleep in my arms this afternoon (this rarely happens anymore). For a sad song, that speaks to my heart. For crying, deep, real tears, because of love for my RCMP family. For day dreams of the East Coast and the beach. For a letter in the mail. For a lunch time upgrade (took a can of lentil soup, added sauteed onions/carrots/curry and threw in a can of coconut milk). For a better day than yesterday. 
I am feeling better today.  Isn't it good when that happens? 

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