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Sunday, August 24, 2014

late summer/early autumn

I feel like life is moving along at warp speed. 
Already we are taking advantage of the last few days that the pool is open. Soon our pool will close for the season, and already, Noah and Katia have passed 3 swimming levels- I am so proud of them :) 
School is about to start up, and with that, we will continue to do half a day of homeschool and half a day of public school for Noah. 
This year I have more on my plate in terms of homeschooling. Not that kindergarten is all that strenuous or that we have to cover everything right away, but as a parent who will be homeschooling for the first time, I feel the need to get organized now and to have a plan. 
I'll be honest, as a teacher, (in my past life ;) there were a few times that I "winged it", meaning, I went in with no plan... and boy was that a huge flop for me (and stress). So even though I know we will have a lot of fun just doing our normal things (crafts, playing, reading, outdoor time ect), I also know that I need to have some sort of plan to get me through the days. 
Lately, there have been all kinds of signs that Fall is just around the corner. 
The leaves have all begun to change (this seems very early, even for here). The mornings are cold (like little ice puddles in the backyard and wear a scarf on your morning walk). The smell of wood smoke fills the air and I am keeping my eye on the beautiful cranberries that are all jewel like in the moss. 
Fall is my favourite time of year, and I am fully embracing and enjoying it. 
I've been enjoying my daily walks with Ryder and the kids. Watching the colours change, keeping our eyes open for interesting mushrooms and other forest finds, berry picking, and also keeping alert in case we have a bear run-in (tis the season). 
I have my calendar out, looking ahead to my Fall Mini Sessions ( a photography event that I hold a few times a year), and also a Thanksgiving timed trip planned for Ottawa and PEI (yipee!). 
This season is busy, but never too busy to slow it down and take in all the beauty that is offered to us. 
My days have a lot going on (those two keep me busy!), but my walks through the trails behind our house make me take a deep breath in. It is so delicious this time of year. 
Here's to Fall, and all the lovely things that come with it. 

~ Apple everything (cider, crisps, sauce, pies)

~ Sweater weather
~ Scarves
~ Golden leaves 
~ Mushrooms of all sorts
~ Warm foods and drinks
~ Back to school
~ Wood smoke in the air


  1. Seeing Noah put his hands into the pail of blueberries reminds me of Sal :)

  2. I love spotting mushrooms - there are so many interesting colors, shapes, and textures! I have never seen a fresh cranberry. There is rumor of a cranberry patch somewhere around here, but the person who told us that won't share it!


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