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Thursday, June 19, 2014

how does your garden grow?

We've been so fortunate this summer to be able to use the community greenhouse and garden here in Beaver Creek. It is a space where everyone is welcome, and they have one employee who has been helping to make the space beautiful, accessible and welcoming.
On Mother's Day, we went in and planted out little seedlings. Almost one month later, we have a huge box bursting with green plants and good smells (the basil is so fragrant!).
The greenhouse holds special memories for me and  as I have said before provides me with a quiet place to be when I need it. It is where we met Ryder, and is also a very family friendly place for the kids to go to.
Steve, the young man who works there, invited myself and the kids to come over and do some planting. He had started some seedlings inside the greenhouse and wanted to transplant them outside into the garden beds. Noah and Katia enjoyed doing their work and had lots of questions for Steve about spiders, blankets over the garden beds and different veggies.
This evening we enjoyed a few peas and radishes from our box. Fresh peas right off of the vine are the best. It wasn't a lot ( I am most excited for the zucchinis and basil) but it was still exciting.
It just feels like summer when we are growing our own food, and I really wanted the kids to get excited about the idea of growing and eating our own food. I wanted that connection made for them.

this is a pallet that says, rethink your use of garbage 


  1. that's awesome! the lats picture made me giggle: tree's a sign like that at the burning dump in Ross, but someone graffitied beside it, "some of us like the smell of burning dog shit." It made me laugh every time.

  2. It is great that you have access to a place like that - good for you and good for the kids. That is a great idea for the pallet!


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