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Sunday, April 27, 2014


"There's no place like home " .... am I ever feeling those sentiments to my very core these days.
We have settled back into our rhythm, after being away from our home for nearly 7 weeks (Hawaii and then Ontario). And now that we've been back home for nearly two weeks, I am feeling so happy to be here and am feeling grounded. 
The pull of the season is giving us renewed energy, and we are embracing this new indoor/outdoor lifestyle. By early to mid morning the kids can't wait any longer, and we throw our rubber boots on and head outdoors. We might take a walk. Sometimes hang out on the stoop, drawing with chalk, and I sip my coffee. It's lovely.
Sometimes we head down to the school playground and swing or climb the climber. I love that I now wear my sunglasses everyday, rubber boots or Toms are my choice of footwear.
The windows are left open for much of the day, and new air is being breathed into our home and our spirits. It feels amazing.
Sprintime in the Yukon is unlike Spring anywhere else. After a long and cold winter, after being safe and cozy in our homes for months, we are now being welcomed outdoors once again, to play, work and live. Life just seems a little bit easier and a little bit sweeter. It's so refreshing.

Things that I am loving right now ...

~ coffee in the sun on my front porch
~ watching our little seedlings grow
~ little girls, all in red
~ playing outside for hours
~ simple things, like shooting hoops after dinner
~ bubble baths with a good book to read
~ sleep
~ the promise of something to look forward to
~ red wine to sip in the evening


  1. Ah, spring has reached you, at long last! Yay! Also- did katia cut her own bangs?

    1. bahahaha- I wish I could blame it on Katia... but no, it was me who did that HORRIBLE excuse of a bang job. Could we say it's a trendy pixie bang look?

    2. Thats exactly what I thought it was, a very hipster bang cut, very "streets of Montreal."

  2. Spring makes my heart so much lighter, doesn't it? I'm glad that you're glad to be home.
    Fabulous new banner, by the way!

  3. I love this so much. I know it has its moments, but there is something I crave about the idea of having a much more quiet, peaceful, simple, small-town life. Hopefully coming our way sometime this year. Love that the kids are both wearing batman capes while shooting hoops. And how could anyone have anything bad to say about co-sleeping after seeing that adorable photo of W and K. Those are the kind of moments that make your heart smile. Sending you spring-time hugs!


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