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Saturday, January 18, 2014

the return of light

The light is making it's way back into our days, which has been making all the difference in my mood. Just this week, at about  a quarter past 10 am, the sky was bright enough to let in some dim light into the house. I tell you, it makes all the difference.
This past week, I made an effort at taking more pictures of our day to day life. Katia got in on some pizza dough making. That girl just loves to help me, and while I sometimes think in my head, "oh not now", I know that she is just so eager to learn and that she has such a strong sense of curiosity. It is a blessing, and I need to remember to embrace it and encourage her.
This coming week will be one all about patience and perseverance. Hubby is away on a one week course (out of territory) and I will be doing the solo act here for the first time (first time of me being alone that long here in Beaver Creek with the kiddos). I feel like I need to prepare myself so that it can go as smoothly as possible. Meal planning, activity planning, just so that I have something to look forward to. I was thinking if it is warm enough, that we may do a winter picnic, or maybe just an outdoor hot chocolate date. I'd appreciate some meal planning ideas. We are down to some bare basics around here.In other news, this weekend I did just a little bit of online shopping (mostly for the kids to be honest), for our Hawaii trip. I'm starting to get so excited about the thought of wearing skirts and sandals, while eating our lunches outside on a patio. I just know that this is going to be the best vacation, one that is much needed.
Have a great week ahead.


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  1. Good luck this week Johanna. My husband occasionally has to go out of town on work and while sometimes I'm okay with it (the kitchen stays cleaner!), come night time I double check the doors and wish he was here! Now with the little babe, I am definitely ready for him to be home at 5pm - just when my babe is getting cranky and manic. Just think of it is a blessing - you have two wonderful, adorable kids all to yourself. You are a strong woman who can handle it AND have fun doing it too. Your daughter is so cute and even though their "helping" can make things take longer, I try to think of it as not only them having fun, but learning about life also. Instead of going to preschool, but babe will learn important skills my helping me to clean the house, organize the laundry, feed the rabbit, etc.


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