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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

slowly but surely

We are getting through the week, slowly but surely. Slowly is the operative word though. How come the days are moving by at a snail's pace? Winslow will be home on Saturday and we are all looking forward to his return (and the fresh groceries that he will bring with him!).
Monday was a bit of a crazy day for us. Meltdown after meltdown, a sick babe (I got puked on!),  a babe who decided to give herself a haircut- what?!? and an upset little boy who was lashing out his confused feelings. I'm tired, but we're all alive and doing well... it's just a matter of getting through the long days.
My good friend Margaret asked me this week, did you ever think you'd be able to do this? The long drives into Whitehorse on your own with two little kids in tow? The long week, all alone in Beaver Creek with the kids? And to be honest, at first, those things really did panic me. Only someone with kids could understand what it's like to have to do these things on your own. If it were possible, my partner would help me out more, but due to his job, he has to stay in our little community for the majority of the time, leaving me to do the grocery shops, appointments, and everything else on my own. The truth is, now that I have had several of these experiences under my belt, I am actually a little proud to say, that I just get it done. We might be watching more TV than I care to admit, there might be more tears than usual from the kids, and yes, it may be hard, but we have also had some pretty awesome moments too...and that says a lot. To say that we've had awesome moments means that we are doing more than just surviving, we are doing things quite well actually.

A few happy things from over the past few days.
~Backyard visitors! I tell Noah every time that we see our moose friends that we are very lucky to be able to see them and that not many people get to say they have moose in their backyards!
~ Wax paper sun catchers. A fun little Valentine's craft to get us in the mood and to decorate our windows with.
~ Hot chocolate outside. I said we'd do it and we did!
~ Quiet moments tucked into the more difficult days.
~ The ability to make my own bread. We were out of breakfast food to eat, so I made two beautiful loaves of bread, which I had to try with all my might to avoid. I'm thankful for having learned that skill this past year. 
~ The invention of the slowcooker. Seriously, the slow cooker has been a godsend these past few days.
When you are on your own and just getting through the days, it becomes apparent to where and whom you can give your attention to. My priorities these last few days have been to take care of the kids, and do it joyfully and with as little stress as possible. I've had to say no to a few outside requests, and prioritize my time accordingly, but that is okay, because my job is to mother these two babes (yes, I still refer to them as my babes) and to put them first.
Hope you are having a lovely week.


  1. hang in there! you are doing a wonderful job! when my kids were born, i lived in toronto. i knew no one. i had no family. my husband was sometimes gone for almost a month at a time. one day i collapsed in the veggie aisle at the grocery store and just sobbed. i was so lonely and overwhelmed. it is the nature of motherhood! think of those early women that lived in ancient times and their husbands went off for months or years with no communication at all. how did they do it? watching lots of tv, drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn got me through a lot of it. you are giving your children wonderful memories! you are a terrific mom!!!

  2. You are incredible and amaze me every day. xoxo

  3. Oh Johanna, you'll make it! I was actually thinking of some easy breakfast ideas to share. We had oatmeal and chocolate chip pancakes the other morning - nutritious and sweet. I also make a peanut butter and banana "milk" - not quite as sweet as a milkshake. I just blend up a banana with some pb and milk, nutritious and sort of a treat. Love the hot chocolate pictures! And yes, it is very cool that you guys have moose in your backyard! On our summer vacation, we try so hard to spot a moose in Maine, without any luck!

  4. And I remember making the melted wax sun catchers when I was young. If you are able to crank out a creative craft like that, and run the house by yourself this week, AND bake bread from scratch - you are being a super Momma! You deserve a special hot chocolate of your own!


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