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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

let your hearts be light

 Just me, the kids and the wide open road, sun coming up at 11:00 am

in the middle of nowhere (between Destruction Bay and Haines Junction), there is a creek called Christmas Creek and someone has decorated the sign for Christmas, how sweet is that? 

Yesterday, after a long drive home from Whitehorse, I rushed in the house and then back out again and went to church. I wasnt sure if I was going to make it, as the service started at 2:00 and I made it in to town at 1:30. We have a very small church here in town and it looks like it was made of an old aircraft hanger. This church has maybe 3 or 4 services a year, and a priest comes in all the way from Whitehorse to do the service. It is tiny and sits maybe 20 people at most, but it is cute, and I felt the peace, comfort and quiet that I so need right now. We sang Silent Night and it was beautiful, magical and perfect. I miss church and the quiet reflection that I get from there.
In the evening we went off to an open house party here in the community. It was nice to see familiar faces and to feel welcomed in. The children were delighted by the treats and punch (a new discovery for Noah this holiday season), and we enjoyed mingling and visiting with our neighbours.
Once home from the party, we all put on our Christmas jammies, Katia went to bed early, and Noah and I lit our Advent wreath, read The Night Before Christmas and the story of baby Jesus's birth. We set out a mug of milk, some cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer, and then I waited for a very excited little boy to fall asleep.
The rest of the evening was spent wrapping gifts and helping Santa along (he asked us to be his special helper). Winslow and I snacked on appetizers and watched It's a Wonderful Life, oh how I love that movie and yes, I cried at the very end, I always do.
This holiday season has been one full of very special events. I have really enjoyed how we have had things to look forward to for the whole month. I think I do this on purpose (fill our calendar with events and activities), because it helps me to get in to the spirit and to not miss "back home" too much.
Our trip to Fairbanks, the Nutcracker, the community feast and children's Christmas concert, girl's Christmas movie nights, a trip into Whitehorse to see friends and have a lovely Christmas dinner. I am so thankful for all of these wonderful times that have helped me to get in the mood for the season. They've helped me to make my heart feel light.
Merry Christmas 2013 friends.
I'll post pictures of our Christmas Day soon. Oh and of all the things I've made this Christmas too!
ps. pictures of our days in Whitehorse and of Christmas Eve. It was so nice to head into Whitehorse for a few days to be with my girlfriends. Delicious food, wine, and talking into the wee hours ... just what I needed to help me feel grounded and more like myself. 

Noah put baby Jesus in Mary's arms - how sweet 

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  1. First, what beautiful pictures of your drive home. We have "hills" around here that do look lovely with a dusting of snow on them, and we saw the most beautiful sunset on the drive home last night, but nothing to compare to the majestic views you have! The community party looks like great fun - what a nice idea. Glad you made it home for the holidays!


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