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Friday, December 27, 2013

hanging on

we having matching hair first thing in the morning

 Christmas may be behind us, but I am still holding on to the easy going, indulgent days of lounging around and taking it easy. Outside is cold, bitterly cold (-35 today), so if we venture outside, it will be for a short 5 or 10 minutes, the rest of our time will be spent indoors, so we must find ways to entertain ourselves.
A few pictures of our Christmas celebrations.
The kids loved opening their stockings in bed. Noah was so excited to show Katia his new movie, underwear and book. Katia was satisfied with her tangerine. "Look Noah!!! An orange!!! Look!!!". It was priceless.
Gifts were opened, and Batman was the star of the show this year. A Batman utility belt, a mask, a cape, a watch. Noah was over the moon with his ensemble. Noah ended up receiving a double (2 Batman masks and a capes), so he gave one to Katia,  and explained, "so that she won't bug me". Both kids were thrilled to run around and play Batmab all morning.
The rest of the day was filled with calls back home, snacks, chocolate and coffee with Baileys. We made an easy ham dinner and read all our new books. We ventured out for a short play in the backyard, but came back into the warmth and comfort of our little home. Our Christmas was a perfectly slow and easy Beaver Creek Christmas.
Merry days to you dear friends.

visitors in our backyard on Boxing Day! 


  1. what a perfect day! your kids are going to have such wonderful memories!

  2. Love that bed hair your little girl is sporting! And her Christmas Day ensemble is hilarious! How do we keep our children sweet and innocent so that they are satisfied with a piece of fruit? Sounds like you had a warm, snuggly day inside.

  3. Such a wonderful, intimate, cozy Christmas! I admire you entertaining two kids indoors all day, I don't understand how you do it...please share tips!!
    And those Moose are so great, it's like they're posing for the photo.


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