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Friday, June 14, 2013

sweet summertime

Summer is just around the corner and in less than 2 weeks we (the kids and I) will be heading "home" to Ottawa for 7 weeks! 7 weeks is a long time to be away from our home here in the Yukon, and when we return to the Yukon, we will actually be living in a new house (and community). Did you get all that? Were you able to follow along? It confuses me too.
Anyways, I was a bit worried to be away from home for that long, so I thought that it would be fun to come up with a list of things that I would like to do while I am down South. There are so many things that I would like to do (that we don't get to do here) and I don't want to miss any of it! A summer bucket list... down South version.

Summer Bucket List: 

- take in "Ottawa" things with the kids, like: changing of the guard, Rideau Hall, the Musical Ride
-parks, play dates, and splash pads
-wading pools for the kiddos
-popsicles, gelato, icecream
- make our own icecream
- summer inspired crafts
- pick fruit or berries at a nearby farm
- road trips to nearby towns
- a trip to Gracefield with my bestie (plus kids in tow)
- eat and drink delicious things that we don't have here in the Yukon, like: bubble tea, Louis pizza, Thai food, poutine from a chip wagon, shawarma, the Green Door (vegetarian restaurant).
-go to as many lakes as we can for picnics and swims
- go to a big movie theatre with the kids and separately with Winslow for a date
- 2 words: Dairy Queen
- 2nd hand and vintage shopping!

While I am so excited to do all of these fun things down South, I just can't help but feel that I will miss summertime in the Yukon. If you are going to be here, I really think the summertime is the best time to be here. It's as though the whole territory comes alive. The sun is bright, the plants and wild flowers are so plentiful, there are endless lakes to explore and dip yourself into (if you are so brave). Camping at nearby campgrounds, campfires right in our own backyard! I will miss it here and of course miss having my family all together. Also, it will be really hard to be away from Winslow for 5 of the 7 weeks that we will be down South.

But we must make the most of it...
So happy summer dear friends. I hope no matter where you are, that you enjoy it!


  1. Lots of fun things to look forward to! I know you will enjoy yourself so much.

  2. I'll do berry picking and lake trips with you!

  3. I am super jealous. I would love an Ottawa summer!

  4. Enjoy!!! Wish so much we could meet up during your trip.


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