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Monday, February 25, 2013


(valentines a bit late, we had a date night on Saturday... I got some pretty flowers too)

I've been working hard at keeping my Facebook limits and and happy to report that I have been doing well at sticking with it. I have had the urge to log on first thing in the morning, but have been forcing myself past those feelings, and have been trying to start my day off on a better, more positive note. Things like chit chat with the kids, extra long cuddles in bed, and coffee... oh yes coffee.

Trying to cut back from my computer use has been good for me. When I do come on to use it in the evening, I feel like it is a treat and I enjoy it more. I also feel like I am being more productive with my time, spending it more meaningfully. I might have mentioned this before or not, but sadly, I have used the internet quite a bit as a way to keep company. I don't watch TV, so it's common for me to look through my favourite blogs during lunch (when the kids are napping). Now instead, I make it a habit to sit quietly and not turn to the internet for fill in those quiet moments. I'm just trying to push past my not so good habits, and try to form new ones. Reading, painting, sitting quietly have all been happening and it's a nice feeling I mus say. Of course I still use the computer quiet a bit (obviously I'm on it right now!), I'm just really trying to use it effectively and not for the wrong reasons.
This past week had us staying close to home. After travelling so much and being sick (Katia), I really just craved a slow homey week. It was really nice to just be home and fall back into our regular routines.

We slept a lot (going to be d at 7 pm - even for me!) and played outside in the snow. We worked on making bread. This is something I am trying to master. It tasted great but didn't rise nicely. I'm just gonna have to keep at it.
This week will bring us much of our normal routines once again. Playschool pick ups and drop offs, gymnastics for Noah, coffee with friends, a few walks and lots of quiet home time too. Next weekend I will be very busy with a full weekend of photo sessions (4 to be exact), so I want to rest up and be energized for them!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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  1. I love the silly outside pictures!

    And do your kids scarf the bread dough?? If I take my eyes off the dough for even an instant they fill their little gobs full of it! heheheh


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