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Monday, December 10, 2012

finding JOY

I am continuing on my quest to find Christmas JOY in the small things everyday. Not in material things, but in things that I get a good feeling from... in other words, in things where I find JOY.

Today I found JOY in giving a book to Noah and Katia for Advent about the story of baby Jesus. It was a simple board book that I found at Coles, but does a good job at telling the story in a way that a toddler would understand.
The other day we lit our Swedish angel chime set and it was so lovely to watch. During dinner we had it lit while listening to some lovely music. The kids were staring at it in amazement. Do you remember these from your childhood? The heat from the candles moves the little fan above it, which then has the angels spin around and clink the little chimes. I remember as a child be so amazed by them and it was so sweet to watch Noah and Katia stare at ours for so long.
I'm finding JOY in my front door wreath. Yes, it is a thing, but I love it so because I made it out of fresh boughs from our backyard. Handmade always makes me happy.
Speaking of handmade, I have been crafting up a few little gifties to give to friends which I will share after Christmas, as I don't want to give away any surprises.
The other night Noah and I went out on a date together to see the Nutcracker ballet. A date with the cutest 3 year old on the block? I think so! We got dressed up and went off into the cold blustery night together and it was really special.... kinda magical actually. He stayed awake the whole time too!

And finally, I've been finding JOY in the most obvious of ways; my kids. It's the little things that get me, like playing hide and seek with Noah, and watching him pretend to be something (today he was a cat), or watching Katia do big girl things like use her bowl and spoon at dinnertime. They amaze me and I am alway reminded what a gift it is to be able to spend my days with them.

Finding JOY this week:
~ sharing the Christmas story with Noah and Katia
~watching my kids be kids. It's pretty simple and it's so amazing at the same time.
~sweet sounds from our Swedish angel chimes
~candles to warm the home
~ Christmas lights downtown
~handmade crafting and decorating
~ going on a date with Noah to see the Nutcracker ballet
~ warmer weather (-10 as opposed to -35) which has allowed us to go outside and play!

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