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Saturday, December 15, 2012

a moment for those in Connecticut

I'm not sure if I have any words that are of importance in a time like this. The horrifying events that took place in Connecticut yesterday have made such an impact on so many people in so many ways.
To describe how I feel about it won't make a difference, however, it's as if Sarah read my mind and wrote out exactly what I was thinking in this post. Exactly. I took that call in my mind too and played out how I would of reacted (bawling in the shower).
Today I went for a walk with my cherub angels. It was a balmy -7 or so and grey outside. I needed to clear my head, yet be with my children. When stories like this shake the world, the only thing I know to do is to guiltily enjoy the time I have with my kids.
I thought about the parents and families of the children and staff that were killed in Connecticut. I thought about how they had to wake up this morning, with the sun still rising and the world going on as though nothing happened. Oh how they must feel.
All I can do is pray. All I can do is be thankful for having another day with my babies.
I do have to say that I find it so superficial (in the blogging world), that people can carry on blogging today about their DIYs and fashion tips for the holidays, especially those who are from the States. Sorry, but take some time to respectfully think of those who have lost someone.
Also, a saw a few people giving their condolences on Facebook but also adding comments about how these things happen everyday around the world and no one notices. While that is true and the media doesn't cover the tragedies that happen everywhere, I don't think it is the time to say such things. Why does everything have to be a platform for meaningless political comments thrown around? People making "smart" comments about gun control. Really? Is that going to help? Are you committed to such comments? It just urks me. I think it's okay to be sad and give our attention to these people who have had their babies, friends, colleagues, partners ripped away from them. It's okay to stop and be with them for just a short time.

Prayers, thoughts and love to those in Connecticut.

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  1. I like what you've said here , and nodded while reading this.
    After I took in the tragedy I felt a pall bearing down on me that stayed and just started to lift a bit after Christmas. I kept thinking of those families waking on Christmas morning without their child, and slogging through the days. The horror of it. But the days are getting a little bit longer now and I can feel a warming and budding out of things. There is still so much beauty and good.


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