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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

oh my darling 9 month old

Katia is now 10 months old and I totally failed to get her 9 month update done here on the blog. Oh sigh. I swear, it's because we've been so busy doing such fun things. Just as long as I get it down at some point, right?
So my now 10 month old beauty has had a lot happen over this past month.
In Katia's 9th month, she finally broke 2 teeth and no longer looks gummy all the time (even though I adored her gummy smile). The gummy mouth made breastfeeding so much easier, I'll tell you!
A few other exciting things, Katia learned to crawl the stairs and now is a baby on a mission. Once she learned that she could go up the stairs, woah, watch out! She just wants to be on the move at all time.
A few other things that Katia has especially enjoyed over the past month would be chasing after her older brother, crying at her older brother, and eating spaghetti and meatballs (seems to be her fav).
Katia has a few new sounds that she loves to make. One sound is "who whoooo", where she sounds like an owl. It's so cute to watch because her mouth makes a perfect "O" when she does it. She continues to say "Mama" and "Dee dee dee" (which we think is Dada). I swear, I've heard her say "Oah" a few times... Noah perhaps?
 The other adorable thing that Katia is into these day is her Baby (doll). Baby, is this cheap little plastic doll that we picked up in Juneau Alaska. It fits perfectly in her hand and has a soft body, so she can easily take it with her where ever she goes. Katia loves this baby of hers and likes to kiss her, hug her and look at her closely. It's really adorable. 
These days we are really starting to see an independent side of Katia. She is showing that she is an individual and that she likes certain things over others. We can see that she has a yearning to go places, see things, play with new things, and follow the leader (her brother). 
More and more, we are seeing glimpses into what Katia will be like as a toddler. I call her my grown up baby, because she seems so independent. 
Happy 9 months Katia. I'm going to be holding onto the next 2 months so closely. How can it be that we are fast approaching your first birthday?

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  1. What a little Dear! Love the shot of her "yoga" on the porch!


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