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Friday, October 5, 2012

happy thanksgiving

This weekend is Thanksgiving, and while we won't be home with our family (whom we miss very very much), we will be spending it with our Northern family, the people who are here for us and for whom we are very thankful.
Last week I was beginning to get sad about the thought of not going home for the holidays. "I'll be Home for Christmas", can make me bawl, especially when I know that just like when Bing Crosby sings, "if only in my dreams", I too will only be home in my dreams. It's hard, but I also must remember that home is where ever I am. When I am with Winslow, Noah and Katia, the time that we are together, is truly a blessing, and for that I am grateful.
This weekend we will open the door to a few close friends and some new comers to the Yukon. They, more than me, I'm sure will be missing their families and home (back in their respective provinces).
This weekend, turkey will be had, mashed potatoes will be consumed, gravy will be ladled, and wine will be topped up. But more than that, I am looking forward to the full house we will have, the loud noises of people chatting, the kitchen dance that will take place while the food is dished, and the children who will be running around full of excitement.
Happy Thanksgiving dear friends. I'll be back with a gratitude list very soon.
ps. The leaves have long since changed colour and the trees are now bare. Last week we had swirly snow (the type that looks like someone shook up a snow globe), but this morning we had a warm sunny morning and we took ourselves straight outside for some backyard fun. I tell you, when you get a warm unexpected Autumn day in the Yukon, you best get yourself outside and savour every single second of it.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I've been meaning to ask....what's that lovely book you have on display with the months? It looks so sweet.
    I hope some day, you will have the feeling that the home you share with your little family is the true 'home.' I know it is a difficult transition, but it will happen some day!
    Lots of love to you, and happy holidays!

    1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. The book is called, Around the Year and it's by Elsa Beskow. A beautiful book with the months of the year (written and illustrated in 1927)... still in print :O)


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