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Sunday, September 30, 2012

where I am

I just got out of a hot steaming rosemary and mint bubble bath. It is a rare treat for me to be away from the kids at night, I find that I am very much attached to them day and night (when Winslow is working that is), so tonight I treated myself to some much needed me time and it felt good.
Life has been busy lately. It's not a bad thing, but I do find myself to be on auto pilot these days. Wake up, make breakfast, get the kids ready, get myself ready, pack snacks, pack diapers, get out of the house for what ever activity we have planned ... insert a few tantrums in there. Sigh. The day in - day out responsibilities of being an adult can be draining. And this is exactly why a hot bath in silence is such a luxury and necessity.
I find myself feeling stretched too thin these days. I know I had promised myself to stop taking on so much, but here I am again, faced with a busy few weeks on the horizon. Holidays are coming up, photography projects are coming up, the busyness of having a toddler in preschool, church commitments. It feels like a lot, and truthfully, my mind is else where.
This time of year has me start to think inwardly. I begin to think about the holidays and traditions that I love so much, and most importantly family. I always miss my family (we live so far away from them), but it's especially hard right now because we won't be seeing them at all this holiday season. I really wish we would get some visitors here to the Yukon. I wish we could show them our lives here, but I know it's not going to happen. It makes my heart ache when I think about how my children don't get to see their grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles.
I have lots on my mind these days and that's just the way it is. Ideas, thoughts, plans, worries. I think I could use some meditation to help me let some of it go. I have many ways that I like to clear my mind. Walking in the great outdoors where I can be closest to nature and God, is usually the best medicine for me.
So perhaps a nice long walk in the woods tomorrow is in order. Winslow has the day off, so either I will ask him to come along, or I will take off on my own for some solo time.
I'm leaving this post with this spectacular picture that I got of the Northern Lights tonight. Okay, so maybe the picture isn't spectacular, but the subject is! We don't get to see the Northern Lights all that often. In fact, I didn't see any for our first year when we lived here. But lately, the solar flares have been quite active, and we are getting all kinds of interesting action in the sky. Just beautiful. And in a moment like this, where I get to see the Northern Lights right outside my home, I am reminded that right now, I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
Good night.


  1. I share so many of these sentiments. I hope you get your walk in the woods today. It's also one of my favorite ways to work through the thoughts swirling in my head and then let them go.

  2. Gorgeous. Lucky you to get to see them often from your home.


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