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Thursday, September 27, 2012

another notch on the old belt

Yesterday was my 31st birthday and I was treated to such a wonderful day.
I received cards, lovely gifts, phone calls and emails from family and friends. Winslow went out of his way to make everything very special for me, and I was left feeling truly thankful for all the love that everyone showed me.
My day started with my most favourite breakfast in the world, eggs benedict with smoked salmon (and a Starbucks coffee). At the table Winslow had a beautiful orchid and some gifts for me. I opened my gifts from him and then my cards from my family. It was so lovely.
Later on that morning, we jumped in the car and took off for Skagway Alaska. Skagway is 2 hrs away, and it is a really nice little town. The perfect getaway. We had lunch at our favourite Thai restaurant, walked around, went to the park, bought cupcakes and drove to the beach. The day was full of adventure and I really felt special (thanks to my sweet sweet hubby).
That night we came home, ordered pizza and had a cake. Daddy sang "Happy Birthday" to me and Noah helped blow out the candles. Sweetness all around.


  1. So happy that you had such a Happy Birthday, Jo! Looks like it was pretty much perfect, from start to finish.

  2. What a wonderful celebration! Looks like such fun! Happy Birthday!

  3. lovely sounding day, a perfect way to spend your birthday

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Johanna! You live in such a breath-takingly beautiful place. And I am so glad to see how you enjoy it!

  5. That definitely looks like a perfect day! Happy Birthday!


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