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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

simple gratitude

Somedays can be a bit of a blur. Early wake ups, feeding the masses, running errands, dealing with tantrums and tears, throw in some photo sessions and editing, all of that combined and you get one tired (and sometimes grumpy) mama. When the days are hard my friends, sometimes the best solution is to stop fighting it all and just go with the easy route out (throw on a movie, make myself another cup of coffee, whatever it takes). I do this sometimes, after all, no one ever said having little ones is easy right?
But lately I've been trying to wake my inner self up a bit. I've been in a bit of a fog, and I just want to have a little more spiritual clarity. To quiet the busyness, to slow down, to be aware of the beauty around me. 
The other day, an impromptu walk took us on a hike around the local beaver pond. It's only 5 minutes away from my house, but instantly we were transported into another world. Up a hill we walked (Winslow pushing Noah in the chariot and I carrying Katia), and there in front of us only a few meters away was a beautiful bald eagle staring back at us. It was so quiet and such a beautiful moment, and I'm happy to store it away in my memory (the one time I didn't bring my camera along for our walk). 
Other things I am thankful for: 
:: the smell of smoke from the camp fire we had in our backyard last night. It was such a delicious smell, reminding me of summer camp and camping out as a child. 
:: the smell of sweet clovers wafting through the air. Have you ever been on a walk, only to take in the smell of clovers and wonder, where is that sweet scent coming from? Same as lilacs. Delicious. No wonder bees like clover so much!
:: a little boy who thinks he is Max from Where the Wild Things Are and wears his crown to bed at night. 
:: art work by my little man. 
:: a rare moment in the car where it's just Noah and I. Emm Gryner is cranked up and Starbucks chai tea latte in hand, and I'm singing along while Noah chats to himself in the backseat. Perfection. 
:: fog rolling in over the mountains. Beauty at it's best. 
:: old favourite songs, like this one, and this one.
:: fresh kale from the garden. 

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  1. Wonderful pictures and words,

    cheers from New Zealand, Marie


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