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Monday, April 2, 2012


Just a quick little pop in to say hello.
We are on our last day of our little Vancouver/Seattle family vacation. It's been an amazing whirl wind trip with so many things done. I plan on posting about each city we visited (as a little record of our trip), but for now I will leave with a list of things done in just 5 days ... phew I'm tired

:: Granville Island Market
:: visits with our friends Allison &little Clara, Mary Grace and Alvin, my cousin Johnny
:: dinner at an amazing Indian restaurant ... a very stressful dinner for us. Apparently we can just go out for a fancy dinner now that we have 2 kids.
:: the amazing Vancouver Aquarium
:: This fantastic shopping district in Seattle
:: Pike Place Market
:: 3 hotels in 5 days
:: delicious cupcakes, croissants, coffee coffee coffee
:: seafood, sushi, philli cheese steaks
:: the beautiful beach in Seattle (yes Sarah, it did smell delicious and salty)

We're off to catch our last few hours in Vancouver. Next stop, Ottawa.

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  1. Looks like a great/exhausting trip! You are both brave to do such things with two little ones, but you can't stop living just because it's harder is my moto! Love the last photo! What a doll!


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