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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

my 4 month old beauty

At 4 months my dear you are changing everyday. Your personality is sweet, yet complex. And you let us know when you are happy or sad.
Right now, your family is your everything, and that makes us all very happy. The way you watch your brother with such admiration is so sweet. The way you smile and have eyes only for your Daddy makes my heart melt. The way you and I meld to together is perfection at it's best, it's like we share a secret language, it's like we have our own little club.
You are growing fast and are the perfect addition to our lives. We love you so very much Katia.

At 4 months you are:

:: rolling from tummy to back, and back to tummy
:: grasping for things like people's faces, hands, toys
:: "talking" up a storm ... but that's nothing new, you've been doing that since you were 2 months old.
:: a social butterfly. You love to smile and get attention from people. You even love other babies.
:: waking once or twice a night to eat, but I barely notice, which is nice.
:: showing signs of wanting to eat, but we plan on waiting until she's 6 months old.


  1. Happy four months, beautiful girl!

    How are you doing, mama? I would love to read a post at some point about having two children.


    1. Dawn, I wrote one a while back....although my feelings on it seem to change daily. Some days everything is really nice... a good balance, while other days I barely have time to take a shower! Ha! More on all that soon!

      here's the old post


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