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Monday, March 5, 2012


Yesterday I bumped into a woman that I see around town from time to time. She is a mom to two little ones and we often stop and chat when we see each other. I asked her if I could add her on Facebook and when she accepted me I started to look through the photo albums that she posted. Oh my goodness was I ever blown away by the adventures that she and her family have been on. They've been places that I don't imagine I'll ever get to go to (Fiji, New Zealand, Costa Rica to name a few), but they've also done quite a bit of exploring around the Yukon and Alaska, and their travels have really inspired me.
It got me thinking about getting out there and seeing this beautiful place that we call home. It made me realize how much there is to explore here in the Yukon (and Alaska) and then after a talk, Winslow and I started to plan a summer adventure to Juneau Alaska that we want to do this coming summer.
We are so excited about this coming summer. Our plan is to get out there and explore! Midnight sun camping, hikes, taking ferry rides and seeing beautiful picturesque views. I'm itching to go for an adventure can't you tell?
And to get the ball rolling I decided that we should go on an ice fishing family adventure yesterday. Winslow had been asking me to try out ice fishing with him sometime and the weather was just the perfect day for it. We packed ourselves up. Fishing gear, chairs, blankets, a thermos of hot chocolate, snacks, and then we hit up a lake not far from our home. We spent hours out there in the bright sun, sitting out on the frozen lake, waiting for arctic char to  bite our lines. We hung out to the soundtrack of ravens  calling and playing with each other, we chatted with the other folk out on the lake who were fishing too.It was our own little adventure, something that we (Winslow and ) want to make sure we do more of now that the hardest part of winter is over.
Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week!


  1. Faro is a lovely part of the Yukon to adventure in! ;)

    1. Faro is my top pick of places to go if we ever have to go to a community :O)


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