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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a little love on V-Day

Happy happy happy heart day dear friends. I wanted to share with you the photos and valentine cards that I made this year for Noah and Katia to give to their friends and family. I just love sending Valentines to our family that are far away. I think it's a special way to say "I love you" to the ones that we miss so much. For Noah's buddies that are nearby I made some stretchy friendship bracelets to go along with the cards. I thought they would be cute little add ons. And for Katia's cards, I stamped her foot print onto the back of each card, which was super cute! I did this when Noah was a baby (inspiration from Marta Writes) and wanted to recreate it for Katia's cards.
I hope you all have a very special day no matter how you celebrate. It's all about the little things and I truly believe in celebrating V-day. Paint your toenails pink, treat yourself to a special coffee, make a yummy dessert that includes chocolate in some form, call someone you love and tell them how much they mean to you.
Today we will be celebrating "family styles".  At this point in time, Katia is still to young to be left with a baby sitter and it wouldn't be fair to take Katia out with us and leave Noah behind, so a family night it shall be. Winslow will make us a yummy dinner ( he never cooks, so this is a special treat) and we will all get dressed up for it (my idea). I'll set the table nicely and have candles lit. Perhaps a little Etta James in the background and there you have it, a very romantic night (for the whole family).
I have a few little surprises up my sleeves for some people that I consider to be my valentines (girl friends) and be making a special dessert of chocolate covered strawberries to have after dinner.
I hope your day is filled with the things you love, and more importantly that you are surrounded by the ones that you love.
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Jo! I love the pictures you did of your babes. I totally agree, too, that it's all about the little things in the celebration. That's why I painted my nails ombre (check out the post "i could never be a hand model"), and made the "love bottles" craft (a second post - two in one day!). And even though I'm single and alone in a strange country, I had a fantastic day because the little things made it. :) Anyway, I think your romantic family night is such a great idea! xox

    1. awww....I'm gonna go check out you post. Yes, it's all about the little things I say. Like cutting out hearts, maybe taking a nice hot bath with candles, watching chick flicks (romcom) xoxo Happy Valentine's Day sweetie! xoox

  2. My word, you have the cutest kiddos (aside from my own of course!) Happy Belated Heart Day to you all!


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