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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love, surprises and celebrating

Without major planning or many expectations, our Valentine's Day turned out to be one very sweet and love filled day.
My day started off with red roses, chocolates and a card from my very sweet and thoughtful husband...awwwwww! We then gave Noah a Valentine's surprise ball that had a hockey puck in the middle of it. He had been eyeing this puck for weeks and we knew it would be the perfect gift for our hockey loving little guy. More cards from Nana and Great Gran were opened and then Katia got to open a very special Valentine's card from her Daddy. It made me teary eyed to see that he wrote a special message to her in her card, it was very sweet.
After breakfast I went off to my yoga class (took Katia with me), while Winlsow and Noah took advantage of the warm and sunny weather to go sledding. On the way home from yoga, I dropped off some cake pops that I had made for my good friend Sarah, who seemed very excited to get them.
When I returned home we ate up a quick lunch of left overs and got ready to go for a walk down to Starbucks. Winslow pushed Noah in his Chariot, while I wore Katia in the ergo. Both kids fell asleep pretty quickly, and so Winslow and I were left to our own to have a nice long walk with no conversation interrupters. When we got to Starbucks, both kiddies stayed asleep, so again we actually had a coffee together, kinda alone.
When returned home we played a bit of street hockey with our neighbour  outside and then Daddy started to get to work on our dinner. It is tradition that Winslow makes me a nice dinner on Valentine's Day. Last year we went out for a romantic dinner, but this year with 2 little ones, it was just too hard to orchestrate. So instead of going out, we all got dressed up, put some nice music on, lit some candes and had a delicious dinner at home. Winslow made a dinner with bacon wrapped scollops, caesar salad, and steak, asparagus and rice. It was so delicious! For dessert I made chocolate covered strawberries (my fav!). What a fabulous dinner it was!
And then to top off the whole day, the piece de resistance was the amazing Northern Lights show that we received. Oddly enough, even though we live in the North, we don't often get that many shows of the Northern Lights. More so, because we live in a pretty big town, the city lights often create too much light pollution for us to see them if they are on display. But last night, last night we saw them unlike anything! They went for hours and we got to see different colours which is also quite rare.
It is pretty hard to capture a good picture of the Northern Lights. To do so, you have to go outside and it's best to drive into the countryside where you don't have any city lights. Then you need to set your camera up on a tripod and set your shutter speed to stay open for a few seconds. Our picture is quite blurry and we took it from inside, but sometimes it's not about getting a perfect picture, it's about capturing the moment.
And so that was our very special Valentine's Day, full of love, celebration, time together as a family and as a couple and a beautiful surprise at the end!
I hope you all had a wonderful day no matter how you celebrated!


  1. Wow, those northern lights are so amazing!!
    The photo of you and Winslow is so sweet.
    Glad you enjoyed a Valentine's Day full of love and delicious food.
    By the way, Ramon and I are SO into Caesar Salad lately, especially with chicken breast on the side.

  2. love those surprise balls, I keep forgetting to make one. Adorable picture of you and Winslow, so glad you had a great day together and finally got your walk to starbucks.

  3. I've only ever seen the Northern Lights once {in Glenwood, Newfoundland} but I will never, ever forget them.

    Your Valentine's Day looks like it was lovely. And now my stomach is rumbling... Good thing it's almost time for dinner!



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