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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a little bit of Katia

5.5 weeks (photo taken and edited by me)

6.5 weeks (these were taken by Winslow, I edited them)

My sweet little angel is 7 weeks old now and boy is time flying by. I want to make sure that I take the time to write down all that is new for her so that we can look back on these posts someday and remember how small she was once upon a time.

Some exciting things for Katia these days are:

  • she's mastered the art of smiling and does so every time someone smiles at her
  • she loves to coo and ouuuhhh when we talk to her, she is very very chatty!
  • she loves to be read to and shown books. When I show her a book, she raises her eyebrows and starts cooing away. She gets very excited for her books.
  • she loves her big brother and follows him around with her eyes. When he is nearby, all eyes are on her big bro Noah
  • she loves to nurse and is gaining weight well. This time nursing came so easily to me and the baby, a very different experience than what I had with Noah.
  • she's happiest when held or worn in a carrier but does well to be put down too
  • she co-sleeps and it works for us and we all like it.
  • she loves her soo soo (soother) just like her big bro ... uh oh!
  • she is sweet and delicious and scrum-diddly-umptious hehehe
Happy 7 weeks big girl! We love love love you so very much. You make us all so happy.
ps. doesn't she look like Noah?


  1. She is a beauty! And yes, she looks a lot like her big brother.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this time... It goes by far too fast.

  2. Oh wow, she is just so beautiful!!!
    I especially love the last one of her smiling, so full of pure joy!
    You look wonderful. How is it going with two little ones? How are you adjusting? I heard the first 6 weeks with an addition to the family are the hardest. Is that true?
    Sending lots of love,

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Thanks for asking! I have a little secret weapon that is helping me adjust to having 2 children and it's called paternity leave.
      Here in Canada we are so blessed to have equal parental leaves for both mothers and fathers. Since we are a one income family and my husband works for the federal gov (police), he can take 9 months leave from work (and pretty much be topped up to full pay). It's amazing how much it helps to have him home, especially with Noah. Winslow takes him out to do a lot of sports and to burn off his it;s great.
      The things that are rough are: lack of sleep (but we are used to it, Noah has never slept through the night) and when Noah acts out (because of being tired or jealous). We are getting there and Katia is a real sweetie pie.
      I find it easier the 2nd time around because I know to trust my instincts and am doing what my mothering heart tells me to do, not what the books or other people tell me to do.

  3. She's really lovely...such a delightful smile!

  4. How do you get anything done with those big luscious eyes staring at you all day! Such a sweetheart! :)


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