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Monday, January 16, 2012

around here lately

Around here lately...

:: we are trying to keep warm (it's been -40 the last two days!)
:: we've been trying to entertain a busy 2.5 year old who has a bit of a case of cabin fever - glow sticks are good entertainment for a while
:: we've been making strides in potty training!
:: we've been making art
:: we've been having dance parties in the kitchen
:: and have been enjoying our favourite radio program- always such great music
:: we've been day dreaming of going somewhere hot someday
:: and have been thinking of ways to save money so that we can go somewhere hot someday
:: we've been enjoying little chats with our chatty and smiley little lady, who is 7 weeks old today!
:: we've been going to the Canada Games Centre almost everyday...because it is so cold. Our little guy still needs to get his wiggles out of his system.

It's cold out there and we are spending pretty much all of our time indoors. It's been an ongoing struggle to keep ourselves from going a little crazy lately. Creativity and keeping things fresh are what it's all about. In an attempt to build up some strength and give me something to do "just for myself", I signed up for a yoga class. My first one is tomorrow and I am super excited for it.
Hope you are all well these days. Stay warm!

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  1. What a beautiful little girl Katia is Johanna and such a sweet smile.
    I find it hard to realize that the temp. here is the other extreme from yours right now!
    We had a top of 34C (93.2F) today and tonight's min forecast is 25C (77F)! Wish we could swap some hot for cold :)
    Hope you enjoy your yoga class.


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