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Thursday, November 10, 2011

a random evening post

Oh I so need tonight. Tonight is a blessing. Tonight Noah has decided to fall asleep at 7:30 (so unheard of) and Winslow is working a night shift. What does this all mean? It means a night to myself. No noise. No t.v. No working hard to get my toddler to fall asleep ... a break ... the first one all day.
I am tired these days. I'm not sure why I'm stating this. It shouldn't come as a surprise to myself, but for some reason I seem to forget that I am 37 weeks pregnant and that I just can't physically do everything that I'd like to. When I look at pictures of myself that have been taken over the last week I don't even recognize myself. I look exhausted and puffy and huge. I'm not saying any of this in a bad way. It is what it is. I just seem to forget that I am very much pregnant and that sitting down every once in a while might do me some good. I'm not enjoying these last few weeks I must say. I know that I am very blessed to be pregnant and I want our little baby to stay in for as long as she needs to, but I must say it, I am tired of being pregnant.
Moving on. Tonight the snow is falling. We've been waiting for a good snow fall for a quite a while now. Winslow was saying that he was hoping for snow so that the outside would seem lighter and brighter. It's so lovely when it's clear and sunny and white outside. I'm hoping to go out and get some pretty pictures tomorrow. I went out on my front porch this evening to snap a few pictures of the snow and lights. I specifically wanted blurry bokeh pictures. Oh yes, I love bokeh and this season is upon us.
I am getting into the Christmas mood dear friends. The other day I snuck out of the house while Noah and Winslow were napping and I went down to Main Street to do a bit of window shopping. I picked up a little something from one of the shops on Main Street. It was exciting to see all the Christmas stuff put out in our little local shops. Our decorations will go up this weekend, just after Remembrance Day (Nov.11) a day to remember the fallen who have served our country.
And so that is it. A bit of a random post I must say. Hope you are all cozy in your homes. Good night.


  1. Remember you have a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes, Jo, pregnant or not. There's nothing wrong with being honest about how you're feeling-- it's totally understandable that you're tired of being being pregnant. You're almost there!

    I'm getting super excited about Christmas as well! And even about snow--Clarence has been talking about snowmen so I'm looking forward to building one with him.

  2. thanks you Steph. You know what to say to a pregnant lady. Very kind . xoxo I miss you!


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