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Thursday, October 13, 2011


yes, we really do have snow now

the 3 pregnant mamas...with 4 babes in total, yes, Sarah (left) is expecting twins!

Hello again friends! I've been away from the computer for a few days but with good reason... First, it was Thanksgiving weekend and we had a wonderful "Northern family" dinner with our good friends here in Whitehorse. Initially we had plans to go up to the fantastic cabin in Kluane National Park for a few days, but when our friend (who was supposed to be coming with us and is 38 weeks pregnant) started to get signs of early labour, we all decided to stay put and have our dinner at home. So a delicious Thanksgiving potluck was created, and it was so so tasty! It was probably for the best that we stayed in town. None of us really wanted to deliver that lil baby at a cabin with no running water! And just to update, we are still waiting on baby to make her debut~!
After our Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, it was off to Haines Alaska the next day for three days of salmon fishing (not me, Winslow), sight seeing and hanging out. Winlsow and I had never been there but had heard such wonderful things about Haines, and we really wanted to see it for ourselves. I truly can't explain how beautiful it is there and I'm not sure if the pictures will even do it justice. Imagine the biggest mountains you have ever seen, breathtaking views along the Haines Seaway fjord, bald eagles along the Chilkat River, golden autumn aspens everywhere, fog rolling in off the water and through the mountains. Yes, it was amazing!
A few fun things I got done while away in Haines.... I wrote out many of my Christmas cards and did some fabric shopping! Weeeee! :O)
We are now home after a busy few days. There is much work to be done around the house and it's getting harder and harder for me to find the energy to get anything done. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and it's getting to that point where I am tired of being so tired, if you know what I mean. Physically I am having a hard time bending over and mustering up the energy to work on tasks. Emotionally I am also tired after a long day of giving my all to my little Noah. So, yes, there are things to be done, organizing the baby's room and clothes is a biggy, but I suppose I'll just have to take it step by step/day by day.
And so that is all for now.
I'll be back soon with plenty more pictures of gorgeous Haines Alaska!
Hope you are all well.


  1. I love these photos, Jo! Happy Thanksgiving to you all over again.

    Looking forward to Alaska photos!

  2. That is so cool to see you and those 4 babies...what excitement you are all going to share soon. You look so great pregnant. It is so much more tiring when you have another little one to care for. With the first you can rest whenever you want.

    Love the photos of Alaska.

  3. Oh I KNOW what you mean, tired of being tired!! I'm less tired now getting up every 2 hours with a newborn then I was pregnant. Just make sure you take it as easy as you can! I know that feeling so well and I can tell you I am so happy to finally be able to bend over and stand at the sink, reach the tap without twisting my belly sideways lol! That day is coming for you soon too! You look great btw!

  4. Lovely photo's, and lots of babies. Oh my! How wonderful! :D


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