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Monday, October 31, 2011

ouuuuuuhhhhhh ouuuhhhhh .... happy halloween!

Before Noah came along, Halloween was pretty much all about the parties and sadly, yes, the somewhat *ahem* tiny costumes. It was fun but it was also somewhat pointless and void of excitement for me.
When Noah had his first Halloween, something in me just became excited once again. I wanted to decorate the house and put a costume on for the sake of making memories with my little family. On Noah's first Halloween I remember inviting some mommy friends I had met through swimming class over to my house for a little party. Our babes were all of a few months old and really the party was more for us than them but I remember being so excited to decorate and make festive foods for us to enjoy. I was finally able to go "all out" for a holiday.
Fast forward to Noah's third Halloween and my excitement is just the same if not more. I have really enjoyed decorating our front window this year and last night I took Noah outside to see what it looked like from the front of our house. He just LOVED the pumpkins and wanted me to take the top off them over and over again so that he could see the candle burning inside. It was so special for me to see him full of wonder.
This year he was able to tell me what he wanted to be for Halloween; a firefighter....much to his father's dismay. I would've liked to have made his costume, but the one I found was a really good deal and there is no way I could've made something similar for the same price. I still hope to make his costumes in the future (last year's was just too cute!), but I do have to say that I am very pleased with Noah's costume this year and he seems so proud to wear it. I really think he thinks he is a real firefighter!
And so that is it dear friends. Tonight we will sit down to warm dinner of stew, light our candles and pumpkins, hand out some treats and then head out into the night for some fun trick-or-treating (Noah's first time!).
Happy Halloween dear friends. Tomorrow is November 1st!!!! Bring on Christmas, hehehe.


  1. What a fantastic costume for Noah! And I love your decorations, Jo! You totally inspire me. xo

  2. what a darling little firefighter! so sweet!

  3. love the star cutouts. beautiful.


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