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Sunday, October 23, 2011

on bed rest

Hi there!
I'm still here on bed rest, counting down the days and hoping that our little one will stay in a bit longer. I never realized that I could be in this position. For some reason, I just thought that babies in my family came on time or late, but never early and never this early. If we weren't living in the North, this wouldn't be such a concern, but as I mentioned before, if our little one was to come too early we would most likely have to be sent down South (to BC or Alberta) where they have a NICU.
Anyhow, for now we are fine and most importantly, baby is fine. It's just been hard for me to sit still so much. It's really kind of torture for me, because as all women who have been pregnant know, towards the end of a pregnancy you get the urge to clean, create and make. All I want to do is sew and craft and bake and decorate her room...but I have to stop myself so that my cramps stay to a minimum.
While I've been home we've had some wonderful support from friends. I've received all kinds of phone calls and offers to take Noah out for a little bit. We've had delicious and comforting food dropped off and lot's of people just checking into say hi. Winslow of course has been amazing to me and Noah, taking care of us and the home. I truly feel blessed to have so much support.
Here's a pic of Noah and I cuddling after we were reunited. I really really really hated being away from him for those days. I felt so much anxiety knowing that I had just left him and that he didn't understand what was going on. We were quite happy to be back together, I'll tell you.
Oh and two little pics of my treat that Winslow bought for me when I came home from the hospital. A raspberry scone from Baked (oh yum!) and a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. What a sweetie he is.

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  1. I understand! I have been sitting in either a chair or in bed for the last five days since I had my surgery. I am going batty!!!

    I hope you don't go to crazy on bed rest. Keep your little girl in that oven a bit longer!


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