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Friday, September 23, 2011

thankful for

This trip back East has been so wonderful for so many reasons, and now that we are gearing up to head home, I want to stop and remind myself of all the things that I am thankful for ...

:: having had the chance to meet the two new babies in my two best friend's lives. It's been amazing to see my best friend Amy, transform into a mama and it was wonderful to meet the newest little one of the Carvery family. I'm in baby heaven I must tell you!

:: to receive more good baby news! Winslow and I will be a Tito (uncle in Filipino) and Auntie this April when my sister-in-law has her first baby!

:: having had the chance to really relax with Winslow. It had been over 6 months since my hubby had taken any time off work and I know that this holiday has done wonders for him. We've had a great time sneaking out on dates too! It's been very rejuvenating for our marriage.

:: for the opportunity to do things that we don't get to do up North. See live music, eat out (the Green Door, one of my favs) , shop, walk through outdoor markets, window shop. It's been inspiring.

:: for the opportunity that we've all had to reconnect with our family and friends. It's so hard to be so far from them and I know that it will be a long time still until we see them again. This trip has been wonderful and it's been especially nice to see Noah interact with all his family.

:: for signs of fall. pumpkins and gourds, leaves turning beautiful colours (oh I miss those beautiful sugar maples when I'm up North), the idea of things slowing down. I'm ready for the quietness of fall and then winter.

I'm off to catch so sleep now. Tomorrow is my big 30th birthday, ha! Not so big actually. Tonight I had a lovely family dinner at my sister's house and tomorrow will be spent with my family again (our last day here). Spending time with my family is the best gift of all I have to say.


  1. Happy birthday Johanna!
    What a wonderful holiday you have had. Lots of memories to take back north with you. I really enjoy your descriptions of the places you visit. The autumn leaves must be beautiful just now. I've always wanted to visit ride the Canadian/Pacific railway and visit your favourite spot Prince Edward Island:) Probably not likely now, but I am learning so much from your posts about your beautiful country.
    Happy return to Whitehorse!

  2. Thank you so much Betty! Thank you for your lovely comments and for always dropping by for a little hello. Canada is a lovely country and I'm glad I can share some of it with you. I feel very fortunate to be able to have seen so many parts of it.

  3. when i first looked at your post, i thought how long have i been away( she had her baby!, but now that i read it how beautiful it is to have ahd such a lovely time away, how lovely it is to be happy to be home and how wonderful that you are celebrating your birthday!

    happy birthday, the thirties are wonderful!

  4. I've so enjoyed catching up on these beautiful fall posts. They are like little postcards.

    And you are too cute with your fall pregnant self.

  5. I just read on Facebook that you're home. Welcome! So glad you had such a lovely trip, and a chance to take lots of photos of those gorgeous maple trees...


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