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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a return home and a birthday recap

More gratitude is necessary today.
Yesterday afternoon we arrived home after a long day of travel to find a clean home, flowers on the dinning room table and a delicious dinner of cabbage rolls left for us in the fridge for us by our good friend Leanne. It was so nice to arrive home to a familiar place, warm and cozy after being away for almost a month.
Autumn is most definitely here in the Yukon. Yesterday afternoon we saw snow falling. It didn't stay on the ground, but it was such a contrast from the +27c weather we had on Sunday in Ottawa. The mornings are dark here and there is frost on the ground. I have some yard work to do today to transition the front of the house from a more summer look to an autumn look.
My birthday came and went this past Sunday. It was a lovely day in Ottawa, hot and sunny. We celebrated with a birthday dinner the night before at my sister's house (her famous lasagna was on the menu) and then the next day Winslow, Noah and I went out for brunch in beautiful Wakefield, Quebec. Later in the afternoon we met up at the Ottawa Museum of Agriculture with my sister once again, my niece and nephew, Dad, Heather and Heather's daughter and son and my friend Shirin and her family. It was fun to see all the animals and watch the kids play together. It was hot out, so lemonade was in order, as was lot's of water. Later on that evening we went back to Winslow's parent's house to have our last visits and pack up all our gear for our flight the next morning at 6 am.
Some of lovely things I received were this gorgeous Matt and Nat hand bag, this lovely new cookbook(my gfs and I have a huge crush on him), a beautiful scarf and some thoughtful gift cards to a book store, an art store and MEC.
But the most sweetest thing I received was this card from my hubby. While we were in P.E.I., I had asked him to keep his eyes open for a heart shaped rock when he was on the beach. I too had been looking and had no such luck. Well wasn't I surprised when I opened my card to find a tiny, perfectly sweet heart shaped rock taped into my card. It was a surprise and so very sweet. Now where should this little heart go so that I never lose it?
I hope you are all well dear friends. I am now off to work on unpacking our things from our trip. We brought back so many things, mostly things for Noah and our sweet little babe who will be arriving in less than 9 weeks (fingers crossed) !!! More on that later.
Hope you enjoy the fall pictures that I took on my birthday. It was such a gorgeous day with the fall colours displayed nicely.


  1. Beautiful pictures. And that was so sweet of your friend to make your homecoming so good!

  2. Beautiful photos:). And Noah looks adorable, as usual, sitting by that pumpkin:). Happy birthday again; sounds like you had a lovely day!

    xoxo, Blair

  3. ahhh Winslow is too adorable finding you that rock. Put it in a little shadow box frame. And I can't wait to taste some recipes from our boyfriends cookbook!!

  4. ahhh Winslow is too adorable finding you that rock. Put it in a little shadow box frame. And I can't wait to taste some recipes from our boyfriends cookbook!!

  5. Happy Birthday Johanna!!!
    Wow, that second photograph is absolutely breathtaking....Autumn paradise! And I love the one of Noah with the pumpkin. :)
    Thank you for all the sweet messages you've sent me, I am feeling much better and trying to soak up every moment with this little boy, who I already feel is growing so fast!
    Hope you are well and enjoying pregnancy? Looking forward to your next update!
    love, Dawn

  6. Happy birthday!
    I am partial to heart shaped rocks...I have a our wedding we gave the rocks away to our 37 guests!


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