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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 week update

30 Week Update

:: How far along: 30 weeks 1 day today!

:: Total weight gain:
25 pounds...feeling like half of that weight is in my face :O(

:: How big is baby: 40 cm from crown to toe and weighs about 3 pounds

:: Maternity clothes:
we are on vacation in Ontario where it is still hot! So capri yoga pants are my fav with a simple stretchy t-shirt.

:: Stretch marks: yes, unfortunately and lots of dry skin

:: Sleep: getting better and Noah has been sleeping better which means less wake ups for us.

:: Best moment this week: having time with just Winslow and Noah and being able to focus all our attention on him. I know it won;t be like this forever, so it's been nice to be able to do special things with him.

:: Food cravings: fruit, ice cream, and I've been really really thirsty for water

:: Labour signs: None .

:: Belly button: flat!

:: What I miss: I'm missing home (Whitehorse) a little bit. I miss the simple living of the North. Ottawa is great but it's big and busy and the people here are kinda rude.

:: What I'm looking forward to: a date night this weekend with hubby!

:: Milestone:
It feels pretty awesome that we have made it to 30 weeks and that we have had such a healthy and easy pregnancy this far. Also some good news, I met with the obstetrician a few weeks ago and he gave me the go ahead to try for a VBAC. I've been thinking alot about the type of birth that I hope we will have. It's exciting to know that we are only about 10 weeks away from meeting our little girl!


  1. Awww! You are looking so cute; the growing belly is awesome.

  2. You do look so lovely! It's been fun catching up with what you guys have been up to. So glad that you had such a nice trip.
    Congrats on your go ahead for the VBAC that is happy and exciting news!


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