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Sunday, August 14, 2011

putting my feet up

Hi there!
This Sunday morning is brought to you by a very tired mama. Yesterday was our friend's Jeff and Leanne's wedding and my duty was to take the photos! I have over 1200 photos to go through and am presently sitting here with a cuppa coffee thinking about how I am going to tackle this project.
The wedding was absolutely beautiful and was so special and thoughtful. My extremely crafty and talented friend Leanne did so much to make the venue look beautiful, as did her bridesmaids and friends. I just love a wedding, I do, but a DIY wedding? It was amazing! So much hard work, such a feast for the eyes.
In other news we are quickly approaching a certain little boy's 2 year old birthday. Yes on Friday I will be the proud owner of a two year old! Wowee! I'm getting very excited for his actual birthday and then for the birthday party which will be "underwater/fish" themed. Until he can tell me what he wants for his birthday party, I get to make the executive decisions. And let me tell you, Pinterest has been such my friend in planning this party. Check my board for birthday and celebration inspiration.
Other things that are happening? Well I am now 25 weeks pregnant and am really starting to feel all the effects of it. I certainly didn't have this much back pain and exhaustion when I was pregnant with Noah, but then again, I didn't have a busy toddler to chase after when I was first pregnant.
I've been trying to keep the complaining to a minimum and having been putting lot of my thoughts and focus onto how lovely it will be to add a little teeny tiny baby to the family. I've also been giving my birthing plan a lot of thought. Something I will delve into more in a future post.
Hope you are having a great weekend.
ps. a few photos from Jeff and Leanne's engagement session


  1. Those pictures are so lovely! Wish I has some like that of Neal and I!
    Hard to believe that Noah is almost 2! I have loved seeing your party ideas on Pinterest and will have so much fun seeing how you put it all together. Take good care of yourself Mama!

  2. You are busy, busy! :) I cannot even IMAGINE being 25 weeks pregnant with a TWO- year old:). God bless you:). Noah is so cute and getting so big; I can't wait to see what you have in store for his birthday. The wedding sounds lovely:). I hope you post some pics of that as well.

    Enjoy the week; put your feet up (when you find the time;)).


  3. The pinterest links are awesome! I love the "cheesecake" idea, with the brie wheels. Yummmyyyy! I will definitely be trying that at a future party. Was thinking how it would be awesome to decorate with icing such as red pepper jelly. Oh, I am hungry just thinking about it :) I have to stay away from pinterest. Just by your photos, I would love it far too much. Get some rest and enjoy!


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