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Monday, August 29, 2011

be back soon...

In just one day it will be the start to our little family vacation, our first one together since last December. This is something that Winslow and I have been looking forward to all summer and now that the occasion is upon us we are so excited.
We are just full of anticipation and can't wait to fly home to our families and loved ones. To see all the people we love and miss so much and to have absolutely no "to-do" lists or any work deadlines. This vacation will be all about relaxing and catching up with our loved ones.
I've mentioned it here before, but living up North definitely has it's limits when it comes to shopping and eating out and basically anything that you would generalize as "big city living". While I've come to really appreciate not spending my extra time in a car doing crazy commutes or spending hours in check out lines at malls and stores, there is something very exciting to me about knowing that I will have all these fun luxuries at my finger tips in just a few days.
Not only am I excited to shop and eat out but I can't wait to walk through the many funky neighbourhoods in Ottawa and in Charlottetown and window shop, take photos and get inspired by the new sights. Whitehorse's Main Street gets a little boring after you've done it once or twice, let me tell you.
And so on the eve of our vacation, will you let me indulge myself by making a list of all the exciting things that I am looking forward to doing while down South?

:: IKEA my ultimate favourite place for fun gifts, funky fabric and home decor.

:: thrift shops. I love the thrill of finding something really special that you won't find anywhere else. I remember the selection in P.E.I. being so good. I can't wait to see what I come up with!

:: Home Sense. Halloween and maybe Christmas goodies if I'm lucky.

:: Michael's. Cute holiday kitch once again.

:: window shopping in funky neighbourhoods.

:: going to a harvest time pumpkin patch. I'm hoping that by the end of September one will be open. One that has wagon rides and corn mazes and hay bails for the kids to jump on.

:: going for a hike on my birthday weekend in the Gatineau Park. I used to do this every year as a child and now I hope to do it this year for my 30th birthday oh and going for brunch at my favourite spot.

:: doing some Christmas present shopping for Noah. The selection in Whitehorse isn't all that great and it takes forever to have anything shipped up here. So I'm hoping to come across a few fun finds for him while down South.

:: going to some American stores in Maine. Target, LLBean and a bunch more!

:: dipping my toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

:: eating lobster rolls! YUM!

So these are just a few of the things that I am looking forward to.
I'm going to be unplugged for the next few days while we travel across the country. On Thursday evening Winslow, his parents, Noah and I will be setting off for our road trip adventure to P.E.I. We have decided to drive down through the States which I am very excited for. I'll see you all again when I'm in my beloved Maritimes.

Ciao mes amis


  1. If I know anything from my experiences with those vacations down from the north, they are anything but relaxing! You will need back north for a rest! lol

    One of the funniest things I heard recently was from my brother, who also lives in Ottawa. He said "Foreigners come to see the parliament buildings, Canadians come to shop at Ikea", when asked about what to do in Ottawa. lol It's so true. I love Ikea!

    Have a great trip!

  2. have fun you kids!
    micheals christmas kitch....oh so jelous!

  3. Hurrah! Your long-awaited, much-anticipated holiday is finally here! Enjoy every moment..

  4. So wonderful -- I'm dying to get out to PEI one of these days!


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