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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canada Day recap

On Friday here in Canada we celebrated the birth of our country, it was Canada Day. Our Canada Day was the perfect mix of small town celebrating and a good ol' bbq with lots of food and many of our good friends around to celebrate. It was an easy day without the worry of finding parking or walking for an hour to get to the celebrations. It was small in scale compared to the festivities that we are used to in the Nations' Capital, but it was nice and perfect for our little growing family.
Our Whitehorse parade was pretty awesome I must say and it was really neat seeing so many people from the community come out to celebrate. It was fun recognizing people in the parade and Noah definitely enjoyed all the police cars, buses, fire engines and loud trucks going by. After the parade, everyone went down to Shipyards Park to have cake and all kinds of delicious food and watch new Canadians become citizens of this great country (that always makes me emotional).
The rest of our day included a fun bbq with a mix of adults and cute little kids all dressed up in red and white. I had decorated the house with all kinds of streamers, balloons, flags and flower. It was red and white all over. We ate lots of good salads, hamburgers and hot dogs, fruit and our special Canada Day (baby gender) cake. For those wondering, see here for the cake reveal!
We might not have had fire works this year (why? because it doesn't get dark here) and we certainly didn't have a certain Duke and Duchess grace us with their presence like they did in Ottawa, but it was a pretty awesome holiday where once again, I stopped for a moment and looked around to realize that we have some pretty amazing friends here in Whitehorse. It's a good feeling to know that we have this wonderful group of friends who are much like family to us. Happy Canada Day friends and happy 4th of July (on Monday) to my friends down South.
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