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Friday, July 2, 2010

with glowing hearts

This is how Canada Day is done in the Nation's Capital! Hope everyone enjoyed their day.
We spent the whole day downtown walking around, visiting with family who are visiting, eating ice cream, seeing friends (even if it was brief) and hanging out in parks.
In the morning with coffees in hand, we took in the Changing of the Guards and the Musical Ride on Parliament Hill. It may have been a more low-key family friendly type of celebration, a far cry from how my friends and I used to celebrate the day, but it was perfect for us. I had fun in a nostalgic kind of way watching the crazy teenagers who have had the party torch passed to them.
The best part of all was watching Noah enjoy his very first Canada Day in Ottawa. Since I grew up in Ottawa I have very fond memories of celebrating July 1st in red and white style. I was so happy and excited to be able to show Noah was true patriotism is all about.


  1. Now that's a Canada Day celebration! You were lucky to have lovely warm weather too.
    Johanna, if you really would like my little mountie planter, please contact me with your address. I would love to give it to you! From an RCMP daughter to an RCMP wife ;)

  2. Great way to spend Canada Day! And so glad for you that your hubby is back.

  3. What a wonderful Canada Day celebration! Noah looks like he's enjoying it all from his great vantage point :)
    Hope you have fun at your party Noah.


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