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Thursday, June 16, 2011

life and the little things that go along with it

I'm not sure if it's as I get older that I realize how amazing and precious life is, but lately I've had a number of reminders cross my path that have helped me to realize this.
Recently a friend of mine returned with her family from an out of town surgery done on her 8 year old son. The surgery was intense and long, and as she told me how frightened and worried she and her partner had been, I was reminded that things like health should never be taken for granted. Especially the health of a child.
A dear friend of mine is going through a challenging and trying journey with fertility issues. I am reminded that life is precious, a gift and a blessing. I am amazed by her strength and positive attitude.
A good friend of mine will soon be marking the one year anniversary of her husband's tragic passing. Time, life, love. These are all things that are a gift. Since that tragic day, I will never take the time that I have with my beloved for granted.
One thing that really sticks out to me when I think of these people and many others that I have met along the way in life, is that despite their personal struggles, they all seem to persevere and keep going on. My friend recently wrote on her blog that it is hope that keeps her going throughout her day, without it she couldn't keep going on.
Lately I've been falling into these moments of deep awareness of the gift of time that I have with my sweet little boy. Sometimes, late at night, I lie down beside him and listen to his sweet breathes go in and out. I inspect his tiny hands and make note of how big they seem to be compared to when he was a baby. I stroke his hair, hoping not to wake him but desperate to savour his smallness. It all seems to be going all too quickly.
The days are at their longest right now. I've been going to bed way too late and having late night conversations with myself about life and love and how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful family, a wonderful husband and such caring friends in my life. How fortunate I am. How I never want to ever take those things for granted.
It hits you at the weirdest of times doesn't it?
xox your tired, pensive and thankful friend


  1. I totally understand. Ever since Ian passed away, I've been savoring every single moment I have with those I love. It's all so precious.

  2. Johanna, you are doing the right thing in savoring your moments. It seems like the years with mine as little ones flew by. I loved those years and although it is great to see them on their own, my best days are when we all gather so I can savor them again.

    Humans are amazingly resilient. We have great courage, but we need to stop and see what is around us and who, and take it all in.



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